i'm braydan and i couldn't get any gayer

i think we just dtr’d bc i called him buddy as a joke and he said he would rather be called boyfriend and i said only if i can be his and he said yes eeek

Anonymous asked:
does zach have a blog?

he does but he doesn’t use it all that much n i forget his url

Anonymous asked:
Put a few spoons in the freezer and use that instead of ice. It works wonders!

i’ll try that in the morning thank u!!!

Anonymous asked:
Oh how was Zach and making out with all the hickies?!. ;) Put Ice cubes on it to make them disappear faster!!!

it was rreally fun eee we went out for dinner (my treat) n then went back to his place n made out for like four hours n just enjoyed time with each other it was fun!! and i will thanks for the tip

i just for back from seeing zach again and eee i’m feeling really good n my neck is covered in hickies oh god